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Profit Loss Detail

First, you need get profit loss.




[ProfitLossDetail(date='2020-05-22', cond='Cash', code='2890', quantity=1, price=10.1, cost=9100, dseq='ID111', rep_margintrading_amt=0, rep_collateral=0, rep_margin=0, fee=20, interest=0, tax=0, shortselling_fee=0, currency='NTD')]


date cond code quantity price cost dseq rep_margintrading_amt rep_collateral rep_margin fee interest tax shortselling_fee currency
2020-05-22 StockOrderCond.Cash 2890 1 10.1 9100 ID111 0 0 0 20 0 0 0 NTD


date (str): trade date.
cond (StockOrderCond): {Cash, Netting, MarginTrading, ShortSelling}
code (str): contract id.
quantity (int): quantity.
price (float): price.
cost (int): cost of price.
dseq (str): detail seqno no.
rep_margintrading_amt (int): repay amount of margin trading.
rep_collateral (int): repay collateral.
rep_margin (int): repay margin.
fee (int): fee.
interest (int): interest.
tax (int): trading tax.
shortselling_fee (int): fee of short selling. 
currency (str): {NTD, USD, HKD, EUR, CAD, BAS}