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Touch Price Order

Touch Price Order

Here is a simple example that how to build your price monitor and when price touches the condition will place the order.

from pydantic import BaseModel

class TouchOrderCond(BaseModel):
    contract: Contract
    order: Order
    order: Order
    touch_price: float

class TouchOrder:
   def __init__(self, api: sj.Shioaji, condition: TouchOrderCond
       self.flag = False
       self.api = api
       self.order = condition.order
       self.contract = condition.contract
       self.touch_price = condition.touch_price

   def touch(self, topic, quote):
       price = quote["Close"][0]
       if price == self.touch_price and not self.flag:
           self.flag = True
           self.api.place_order(self.contract, self.order)

Complete TouchPrice Order Extention can be found here.